Hayley Tezak

Hayley Tezak

Monday, 16 February 2015 00:00

Why I Love Coaldale (Guest Blog Post)

This land has taught me to work hard, be helpful, and never give up. ~Hayley Tezak

20-year old, Hayley Tezak is part of a new generation making its voice heard from rural Colorado. Born and raised in Coaldale, Colorado, a small agricultural town in western Fremont County, Hayley was raised on the Benton Family Homestead - - her family-owned ranch founded in the 1870’s. While attending college in Pueblo, away from the land and community she loves, Hayley finds peace when she returns on the weekends to the ranch. It is here in Coaldale that Hayley developed a passion and love for the outdoors, for the wildlife sharing her home, and for working together with her family raising cattle and hay, and for the members of her community that live in this valley.

Today, Hayley joins us as a guest and offers us a unique and refreshing perspective on the specialness of rural Colorado.