San Isabel sets strategic goals for next three years

San Isabel Land Protection Trust  — with your help — has drafted a new three-year strategic plan that will take us to 2020. 

At the heart of the strategic plan is our vision – that our region forever remains a beautiful, wild and working landscape, with a strong agricultural foundation and a vibrant, healthy community.

To find out what was important to you, we surveyed nearly 1,200 people, including members and donors, regional landowners, volunteers, board members and staff to identify issues, goals and strategies key to working towards this vision.

By 2020, San Isabel Land Protection Trust aims to be a leader in land and water conservation in the Arkansas Basin of Colorado. To be a leader, San Isabel will grow in influence, impact and relevance to the communities we serve. In addition to its core work of acquiring and stewarding conservation easements, San Isabel will use diverse strategies to advocate, plan and execute programs valued by landowners and our communities for the health of the land, wildlife and people. By delivering these services, San Isabel will establish itself as an institution with organizational vitality and integrity, strong relationships and financial security.

Our No. 1 strategic goal remains land and water conservation, focusing on properties with irrigation and flowing water, connectivity with other protected lands and key wildlife habitat areas.

Our other goals include:

  • Increase our membership base and develop other sources of income, to build greater financial stability for San Isabel.
  • Continue strengthening our stewardship services to better serve landowners and enhance the health of our forests and watersheds
  • Advocate for and educate about conservation, private landowners and agriculture to diverse groups in our communities, especially our youth.
  • Build on our ownership of The Bluff to expand trail and open space opportunities.

Thank you again to all who participated in our strategic plan survey. Your answers helped set our goals and will guide our work for the next three years. We cannot do this work without you, and welcome your input at any time. Please don’t be a stranger!

To read our goals in full, click here.

Ben Lenth

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