Changing times call for innovation, resilience

Southern Colorado is poised on the cusp of transformative change. In the short time I've been here, I've seen drought, extreme winds, torrential downpours, flash floods and ferocious wildfires. Noxious weeds endanger biodiversity and ecosystem function. Water transfers and development pressures continue to require very careful planning and stewardship to avoid disrupting our wildlife and scenic beauty.

We have big challenges and tight timelines ahead as we work together to sustain this place we love so much.

The region's beauty and vitality are no accident. It takes courage, creativity and commitment to preserve paradise. We are indebted to forward-thinking landowners and community leaders for our spectacular vistas of open space and free-roaming wildlife that enrich all who live, work and play here.

But today, changing weather, economics, regulations and societal priorities threaten the sustainability of even the most skilled stewards of the land. Our challenge is to integrate traditional wisdom of long-time landowners with the best of emerging science. We must forge innovative, diverse partnerships to build the resilience necessary for our communities to thrive during changing times.

San Isabel's Board of Directors and staff are gearing up for a big leap forward in community-based conservation. We anticipate legislative changes in the next year that will have us again negotiating vital conservation easements, continuing the land trust's distinguished record of ensuring lasting protection of important properties. We also are listening to the community. By next year, we will have an updated, shared vision to inform our strategic planning. We aim to expand stewardship and regenerative conservation services to foster resilience in our working wildlands against such threats as wildfire, drought, floods and weeds.

There is no denying the urgency and importance of the work we do at San Isabel. And there is no denying the work is expensive and time is short. Your support makes conservation success possible. Thank you for your dedication to San Isabel's mission and homeland.


We have protected more than 42,000 acres through 134 conservation easements.

Conservation easements guarantee long-term protection – through generations of landowners.