Thanks to our volunteers, who make it all happen


Tim, Ken and Becky Humphreys help make the 2019 Art for the Sangres a success.                       ©2019 Greg Smith

Our volunteers play a vital role for San Isabel Land Protection Trust. In 2019, they donated nearly 1,500 hours. The many ways they give to San Isabel is humbling and heartwarming.


They help us visit each of our 133 conservation easements across four counties. They provide key oversight on the board of directors. They stage our largest fundraiser, Art for the Sangres. They ensure the Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run is a rollicking success. And they help maintain the Bluff Park in Westcliffe.

As we wrap up 2019 and look forward to 2020, we say ... Thank You!

Our 2019 Volunteers

Vic Barnes

Woody Beardsley

Anita Bomgardner

Jim Bradburn

Liz Brannen

Angie Camarillo

Jan Clopton

Inge Cosby

Custer County Sheriff's


Bill Donley

Dick Downey

Wayne Ewing

Amy Finger

Carol Gerber

Sue Gilsdorf

Steve Gilsdorf

Jerry Glassman

Ros Glassman

Marci Gregg

Roger Gregg

Cathy Griffin

Melissa Harth

Peter Hedberg

Donna Hood

Ralph Hood

Keith Hood

Luke Hooks

David Huber

Ken Humphreys

Becky Humphreys

Tim Humphreys

Cindi Israel

Marland Jones

Lynn Karantz

Rocky Karantz

Peggy Kavookjian

Doris Keene

Bill Keene

Terri Kerr

Chuck Keyes

Herb Kober

Jim Krasovec

Jan Kraus

Tracy Laughlin

Annie Layman

Jan Lee

Ben Lenth

Mary Ellen Lesage

Mike Liebman

Judy Lynch

Becky Mazurek

John Mitchell

Deb Mitchell

Polly Miller

Suzanne Mowry

Inge Munden

Jack Naff

Steve Oswald

Annie Overlin

Paul Parsons

Shannon Proctor

Charles Proctor

Susan Raymer

Debby Reed

Chris Relph

Bob Remington

Ann Robey

Christine Smith

Greg Smith

Gregory Smith

Michael Smith

Priscilla Smith

Cathy Snow

Mark Stamper

Bob Steimle

Audrey Stermer

Dick Stermer

Gary Taylor

Valda Terauds

Linda Viani

Larry Vickerman

Marcia Vickerman

Hal Walter

Harrison Walter

Mary Walter

Jim Webb

Dianne Whalen

Gary Ziegler

Chuck Ziehr

Judy Ziehr


(If we inadvertenly omitted your name, please accept our apologies and let us know. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)







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We have protected more than 42,000 acres through 134 conservation easements.

Conservation easements guarantee long-term protection – through generations of landowners.