Colorado’s diverse fauna is the inspiration for Radeaux. He spends many hours in the field studying birds and other animals. When he returns to the studio he paints what he has seen in his unique style, a combination of detail and restraint, repetition and rhythm. His paintings also explore the patterning, colors and geometrics found in nature. The art also examines spatial relationships and comparisons to stylized depictions of nature from various cultures

Described by the late Jack Seilheimer, former Dean of Science at Colorado State University-Pueblo, “He’s really a distinguished field ornithologist. He is truly both scientist and artist.”

Radeaux has provided illustrations for a variety of publications, including all the illustrations for the landmark Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas 1 and the recently published Atlas 2. 

A veteran of many art exhibits, Radeaux also owns Pueblo’s John Deaux Art Gallery, representing many of Pueblo’s leading artists for more than 35 years.

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Watermedia on paper 13 x 6; with frame, 19 x 12

531.50 USD

Acrylic on canvas 72 x 60

8,504.00 USD

Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40

2,126.00 USD

Watermedia on paper 25 x 17; with frame, 33 x 25

1,594.50 USD

Watermedia on paper 9 x 16; with frame, 15 x 21

797.25 USD

Watermedia on paper 10 x 15; with frame, 16 x 21

797.25 USD
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