Cathy Sheeter

Cathy Sheeter grew up in a small town in eastern Oregon, where she was immersed in a community rich in ranching, agriculture and open spaces. Animals and the western lifestyle continue to be a central component of her life and the focus of her art.  

Cathy’s primary medium choice is the nontraditional scratchboard. Scratchboard is a form of direct engraving in which the artist starts with a masonite panel coated with smooth white clay and then topped with a thin layer of black India ink. A sharp point is used to scratch away the black ink and expose the white clay below, leaving a black and white image. From that point the artist may choose to leave the image black and white or can color it with transparent inks, which fill in the scratches with color. In recent years, she has also started exploring Clayboard, where she adds her own choice of colors to the background (rather than black), and then scratches out her animal subject matters into the color, using scratchboard techniques.  

Cathy is a founding member and current president of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists and serves on the board of directors of the Society of Animal Artists. Her artwork can be found in multiple museum collections, as well as private and corporate collections across the globe. Outside of her art, Cathy, who lives in Aurora, CO, is an avid nature photographer and birder and enjoys training and competing in dog shows with her Belgian sheepdog, Devon.

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Scratchboard and Ink 24 x 36

11,161.50 USD

Scratchboard and Ink 11 x 12

2,551.20 USD

Scratchboard and Ink 11 x 14

2,551.20 USD

Scratchboard and Ink 18 x 24

4,783.50 USD

Scratchboard and Ink 20 x 13

4,039.40 USD

Scratchboard and Ink 5 x 7

797.25 USD
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