Doug Schneiter

Doug, “a transplanted Iowa farm boy who moved to the Wild West," grew up using the timber that grew on the family farm to make projects throughout his childhood and through his college years.

After earning a degree in Industrial Art Education, he followed that with nearly 30 years in the classroom and shop, sharing with others his love of woodworking and woodturning.  “I got serious about woodturning about 20 years ago,” Doug says, “after moving to Loveland, and slowly evolved into what I am currently doing.”

He started turning the hollow forms with the natural voids about 15 years ago, with the basket illusion series starting about two years ago.

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Maple 8 x 10

1,036.43 USD

Pacific Madrone 11 x 4

1,302.18 USD

Pau Amarello 19 inches in diameter

2,258.88 USD

Mesquite 9 x 9

983.28 USD

Maple 12 inches in diameter

1,195.88 USD

Cherry Wood 18 inches in diameter

2,152.57 USD
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