We are grateful for our 2019 donors; won't you join them

Thank you to those who have donated already in 2019. They have invested in a forever beautiful, wild and productive future for the people and nature of the San Isabel region. Please join them by giving before Dec. 31.

Our 2019 donors to date

Evergreen Giving Club members

$5,000 and above

Lee Brown & Will Sibbald
Larry & Ann Gerdes
Donna & Ralph Hood
David & Cynthia Huber
Dick & Audrey Stermer

$1,000 to $5,000

Bob & Carol Allison
Kirk Beardsley
Woody Beardsley
Wilton & Cathy Cogswell
John & Patricia Fechner
Steve & Shane Holonitch
Wilson & Terri Jarvis
John Alan Joll
Peggy Kavookjian & David Nora
Charles & Mary Ellen Lesage
Suzanne Lesage
Mike & Joanie Liebman
Bill Morgan
Linda Poole
Ron & Annette Pustejovsky
Dwaine & Ann Robey
David & Nancy Schroeder
Douglas Schulz & Tracy Stoneman
Michael & Christine Smith
Cathy Snow
Larry & Marcia Vickerman
Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation
Dianne Whalen

$100 to $1,000

Carolyn Abraham
Bryan & Jennifer Anderson
Adelaide Bahr
Michael Banz & Kathy Blaha
Rob & Debbie Bass
Katharine Bayer
Gary Bender
Steven & Carole Betton
Buck & Janelle Blessing
Ray & Sue Bodis
Jim & Gayle Bradburn
Donna Burge & Norman Williamson
Doug & Teresa Cain
Elaine & Dominique Chavanon
Joyce Cheney
Jan Clayton
Tom & Pam Clements
Jan & Paul Clopton
Bud & Inge Cosby
Chris Derick & Dana Diehl
Bill & Vicki Donley
Dick Downey
Holly Engelken
Bryan & Julie Fechner
Julie & Heinz Gaylord
Jane Gibbs
Steve & Sue Gilsdorf
Ruth Graham & Tom Conaghan

Marci & Roger Gregg
Beth Guyon
Richard Hacker
HB&A Architecture and Planning 
John Henderson
Douglas Hill
Keith Hood
Nancy Howard
Ken & Becky Humphreys
Bruce Ingram
Wilson & Terri Jarvis
Jim & Laura Johnson
Will & Lauren Johnson
Jim & Susan Johnston
Ralph & Kathy Jowett
Chuck & Judy Keyes
Suzanne Lavenue
Annie Layman
Hugh Leney
Gene Leslie
Christine Carapico McGowan
Carolyn Mclaughlin-Smith
Rick & Judy Meckstroth
Charles & Linda Mellon
Treasure Merchant
Tiffany Miller Russell
Kim Millett
John & Deb Mitchell
Robert & Rosemary Moose
Amy Motazedi
George & Suzanne Mowry
Don & Inge Munden
Dorothy Nepa
Doreen Newcomb
Tom & Patty O'Brien
Annie Overlin
Mike Padon & Susan Lawhon
Sharon Petross
Barbara Phillips
Gretel & JD Von Pischke
Lockett & Susan Pitman
Shannon Proctor & Wayne Ewing
Tom and Joan Rauch
Claricy & Randy Rusk
Salida Mountain Sports
Kirk Samuelson
Sangres Art Guild
Scott Schield
Tyra Shearn & Bert Deardorff
Jenna Shearn
Patrick Shearn
Karolyn Snow and Joe Rook
Bob Steimle and Dianne Shanks
Cheryl Swartz
Wendy and Rick Thornton
Laura Varone
Milla Leu Vickerman
Caroline and Jim Vornberg
John & Elizabeth Watson
Jeff & Martha Welborn
Hope & Paul Wenke
Randy & Sarah Woods
Els & Walter van Woudenberg


Janet Smith

Posted in News

  • "The Hood Family placed a conservation easement on our ranch because it gave us a chance to preserve the land as undeveloped property while allowing the operation of the ranch to continue to make ranching decisions as we have always done. It also provided funding to establish retirement funds and an investment portfolio, providing long-term income."

    – Keith Hood, fifth-generation rancher