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You make it possible to keep this region wild and beautiful, with abundant wildlife, productive agriculture, flowing water and thriving rural communities.

We are grateful for your partnership in this important work. THANK YOU!

$,5000 and above  
Lee Brown and Will Sibbald  
David and Cynthia Huber  
Dick and Audrey Stermer  
Linn and Judy Van Norman  


$1,000 to $4,999
Bob and Carol Allison Ryan and Wynn Martens
Michael Banz and Kathy Blaha Beth and Barry McBride
Kirk Beardsley Mike Padon and Susan Lawhon            
Allan Beezley Linda Poole    
Doug and Teresa Cain Dwaine and Ann Robey 
Jan Clayton David Rueth
CME Group Els and Walter van Woudenberg
Chris Derick and Dana Diehl Larry and Marcia Vickerman
Richard Hacker Alicia Waugh
Donna and Ralph Hood Hope and Paul Wenke
Wilson and Terri Jarvis Dianne Whalen
John Alan Joll Matthew and Julia Wills
Peggy Kavookjian and David Nora  Carol Wilson and David Chrislip
Mike and Joanie Liebman James and Ann Young


Up to $1,000    
Susan Akin Mitchell Gerber and Leslie Petrovski Greg and Julia Powell
Kent Aman and Kris Shurr Barbara Gill Charles Proctor
Charles Anderson and Jovan Gallegos Steve and Sue Gilsdorf  Linda Proudfit
Wayne and Jan Anderson A.J. Grant and Kate Fay Ron and Annette Pustejovsky
Steve and Becky Andrews James and Linda Griffin Bob and Carolyn Reed
Michael and Angie Arterburn James Growney Christiane Relph
Heather Baker Shelley Hall Mark and Carol Rickman
Michael and Betsy Banks Willim Hallauer Jr. Brian and Margarita Riley
Vic & Jacke Barnes John and Carol Hanks Tim Roberts
Katharine Bayer Michael Hayes and Kristine Hopkins Salesforce
David Becher Michael Heller and Jane Augustine Jenna Shearn
Melinda Beck Jesse and Erin Hensley Tyra Shearn
Sean Beharry and Craig Mayle David and Jody Heppe Jon Sirkis
Rowan and Karen Belknap Scott and Joan Herrmann Gus Slanovich
Ray and Sue Bodis Alan Hirsch Michael and Christine Smith
Vicki Boesel Drew and Mary Horton Karolyn Snow and Joe Rook
Troy and Anita Bomgardner Judy Hunter and Vorrey Mylchreest Bob Steimle and Dianne Shanks
Bill Boortz  Bill Jack Mike Stiehl
John and Sally Brandenburg  Jim and Laura Johnson Sallie Stout
Aaron Brockett and Cherryrose Anderson Terri Kerr Marvin and Sally Strom
Donna Burge & Norm Williamson Karen Koop Vanessa Taft
Mattie and Will Burtt David Kueter Gary and Kathy Taylor
Ricardo and Bernadette Castillo Kathy and Joe Lamos Valda Terauds and John Ferraiuolo
Roger and Marlene Castle Annie Layman Susan Tichy
Elaine and Dominique Chavanon Hugh Leney Glen and Terri Tiede
Wayne and Joan Chin Ben and Buffy Lenth Andrew Todd
Alan and Cathy Clark Katherine Letson Milla Leu Vickerman
Jim and Claudia Cole Steve and Margaret Linderer Kate Vickery
Mike and Judy Conley Patrick and Judy Lynch Caroline and Jim Vornberg
Harold and Cynthia Cook Robert Lytle John Walker and Roxann Moore
Paul Creadon Tom Maddux Clive Wart and Steve Chapman
Paul and Janet Davidson Peter and Kristen Maher Jonathan and Corrie Wiley
Joseph and Edna Devai Sara Mattes Gregory and Vicki Wittbecker
Tim Diffenderfer Bill and Becky Mazurek Randy and Sarah Woods
Bill and Vicki Donley Bruce and Debra McHugh Ken Wool
Dick Downey Pari Morse and Don Mercill Michael and Janet Wooten
Dwight and Marcia Drager Don and Cindy Miller Paul Yoder
Mike and Bonnie Ensrude Gay Miller Dale and Jonna York
Stephanie and George Erbrecht Kim Millett Wendy Zechman
John and Patricia Fechner John and Deb Mitchell Chuck and Judy Ziehr    
Fidelity Investment George and Suzanne Mowry  
Amy Finger and Gary Ziegler Dorothy Nepa  
Mike and Carol Finn Doreen Newcomb  
James and Pamela Flynn Peter Nichols  
Joe & Carol Franta David and Linda Niemeyer  
Thomas & Susan Frostman Skp and Nancy Northcross  
Bob Fulton Steve and Nancy Oswald  
Julie and Heinz Gaylord Barbara Phillips  
Jim and JoAnne Gearhart Lockett and Susan Pitman  


In Memory of Margaret Karsten  
Philip Wilcox  
In Memory of George Beardsley  
Mr. and Mrs. William Morton  
Grants & Foundation Partners  
Amazon Smile Foundation  
Colorado Gives  
Colorado Open Lands  
Great Outdoors Colorado  
Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation  


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Janet Smith

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  • “When you sell the water, you ruin the land.”

    – John Brandenburg, Brandburg Centennial Ranch