Curt Gillespie

Mid-Winter Sunrise
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Curt Gillespie strives to portray the grace of nature in his watercolor and oil paintings. Working in a representational style, he creates refined paintings of nature’s landscapes and architecture.

A native of Colorado, Curt’s interest in art and architecture started at an early age. He developed artistic and drafting skills in his formative years while obtaining a degree in chemistry at Colorado State University. After a professional career in the sciences, he was drawn back to art and obtained a degree in Graphic Arts and Architectural Illustration. Today, Curt focuses on fine art, enjoying daily studio or plein air painting sessions. He is active in his local art guild.

Design, color and light compel Curt to his easel. He likes watercolor for its flow and luminosity, and oils for their depth. His paintings are the synthesis of observations developed during plein air excursions and model studies.

“Art has always been the mainstay of my life,” he says. “My earliest memories are the awe I felt while beholding the mountains at first light. I love the outdoors, and that’s mostly what I paint. I hope to attain in my paintings the aesthetic value felt in the warm hues of dawn or the freshness of a spring shower. It is such essence after all, that makes nature so appealing. To convey even a fraction of it in a painting is a success.”

Exhibitions and awards include Colorado Watercolor Society State Watercolor Exhibition, 2019; International Watermedia - Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, 2019; U.S. Senator Cory Gardner, Art on Loan Program, 2017-2019; Rockies West National Exhibition, 2018; Aquarius Watermedia Exhibition, First Place, 2018; Alla Prima Westcliffe, First Place, 2018; International Watermedia - Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, Gold Level Award, 2015; and Rockies West National 23rd Annual Watercolor Exhibition, 2015.

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