The Bluff Park

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The Bluff Park, located at the west end of Main Street in Westcliffe, provides sweeping views of the Wet Mountain Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A steady stream of visitors and residents alike enjoy the park, the site of music festivals, night sky viewing parties, weddings and parties, and casual recreational use throughout the year.

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The Bluff Park is the culmination of years of community work. It is now preserved as a public park with open views across the valley, protected forever by a conservation easement. The area has been enhanced with landscaping, accessible trails, benches and other amenities. In 2015, the Smokey Jack Observatory was completed. At the same time, Westcliffe and Silver Cliff earned the International Dark Skies Community designation. A year-round restroom is under construction.

The Bluff Park is co-managed by San Isabel Land Protection Trust and the town of Westcliffe. Together, we are working to manage and improve the site, with ongoing landscaping projects and other efforts. That includes establishing perennial, drought-tolerant and deer-resistant plantings and using the park as an outdoor classroom for local students. Volunteer help and supporting donations are welcome.

BluffStewards.jpg                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Kate Spinelli 

Our heartfelt thanks to our Bluff Stewards, a crew of hard-working volunteers. Bluff Stewards pull weeds, water and mulch plants, and spread native seed, ensuring the park is a beautiful, welcoming space for residents and visitors. Volunteers can choose their projects and level of intensity, so anyone can participate. Individuals, families, young people and groups are all welcome to find a project that fits their level of activity and skills.

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  • “When you sell the water, you ruin the land.”

    – John Brandenburg, Brandburg Centennial Ranch