Spring Valley Ranch

Spring Valley Ranch

For nearly 100 years, Spring Valley Ranch has been a productive hay and cattle ranch, complete with 5 beautiful springs, lush meadows, including 65 acres of sub-irrigated pasture, forestland and scenic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


This biodiverse ranch, and its proximity to large contiguous expanses of federal land, provides exceptional habitat for numerous types of wildlife, including elk, black bear, mule deer, turkey, pronghorn and mountain lion. Motorists enjoy incredible views of Spring Valley Ranch from Fremont County Road 1A, the popular “Cotopaxi Cutoff”.

This breathtakingly beautiful land was once slated for development. Because of the vision and dedication of the landowners at that time, in 2006, Spring Valley Ranch was protected forever with a conservation easement held by San Isabel Land Protection Trust.

  • “When you sell the water, you ruin the land.”

    – John Brandenburg, Brandburg Centennial Ranch

We have protected more than 42,000 acres through 134 conservation easements.

Conservation easements guarantee long-term protection – through generations of landowners.