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Private lands are important to our health, wealth, and heritage. We enable Colorado land conservation by working with landowners to protect and preserve the precious resources that define our region.

Conservation Easements

A conservation easement is a voluntary agreement between a private landowner and a land trust that permanently restricts and defines the amount and type of development that is permitted on a property. When a landowner’s vision for their property is one of little change, a conservation easement can be a useful tool. San Isabel Land Protection Trust doesn’t tell landowners how to manage their land, but focuses on the big picture by preventing subdivision, inappropriate industry, and the sale of agricultural water rights.

Steps to creating a Conservation Easement

  • “Placing a conservation easement on our family ranch insures us of what WON'T happen to the land and water when we're gone.”

    - Bill Donley, 4th Generation Rancher

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We have protected over 40,000 acres with 133 conservation easements

Conservation easements guarantee long-term protection through generations of landowners, for places that are worth protecting.